a Northeast Indianapolis Photographer,
wife to John,
momma to Jackson, Caleb & Ava,
 who's passionate about
family, faith & of course... photography!

I love serving my clients by giving them timeless images that bring them back to
some of the most precious moments in their lives when they look back on them.

I love connecting with my clients & making sure they feel comfortable.
And I love bright, classic, joyful images that will stand the test of time.
I would be so thrilled to learn more about you & and hopefully capture some lasting memories for you.


I'm Erica...

I love capturing the way two people feel about each other and preserving those emotions so that for generations to come,
their children & children's children can get a glimpse of the love between them anytime they see their photographs.

I love freezing moments in time for families, because as a momma to 3 myself, I absolutely LOVE looking back on photos of my babies.
And even more, I wholeheartedly believe that photographs give children a sense of belonging & security....
When they look back at their parents' wedding pictures or their own baby pictures, they see where they came from and where they belong.

And as they grow older, I love being able to give seniors images that give them confidence and help them to see themselves as the beautiful individual God created them to be. Senior year is such an exciting time, & I love being able to be a part of making this season of life special!

I believe photography is so much more than just pictures... 
My hope is that your images will bring joy, provide a sense of belonging & cultivate confidence.

My love for photography runs deep for so many reasons...

I was born & raised in Louisville, KY.
Then I met this man, who has taken me on more adventures than I could have
ever dreamed of.  
We've traveled to 20 countries together and
lived in 4 different states & on 2 continents (Uganda, Africa) over the last 19 years.
And as much as I LOVE my family & hometown, my life is so much richer for the experiences that God has led us
to & through together.

my rock • adventurer

my better half...

These are my people, and I can't imagine going through this life without them!  
Most days you can find us
playing with our dog, Harper,
having dance parties in our kitchen,
eating pizza every Friday for
 Family Fun Fridays...
playing some Uno or Settlers of Catan,
& watching the boys play
basketball or football
& Ava practice her latest tumbling moves...
& maybe hiking, once John talks us all into it. ;)

wife to John • momma to 3

my crew...