Pilon Family Session | Louisville, KY

I’ve been friends with Jamie for 28 years. That hardly seems possible! We met in Intro to Physics & Chemistry on our very first day at Ballard High School when we were just 13. We were instant friends and pretty much inseparable. We went to our first high school football game together. We quickly discovered all the things we had in common and learned all about what made us different. We made a ton of memories together and were always there for each other. And although we don’t get to spend nearly the amount of time together these days as we did in our younger years, this girl will always hold a special place in my heart and feel more like a sister than a friend.

And little Thomas and I really only get to see each other over FaceTime, since I live in Indianapolis, and they live in Louisville. But we pretty much instantly bonded at their session! Even though we only live 2 hours away from my hometown in Kentucky, it’s just so hard to find the time we’d like to to spend with our friends there. I wish I could hang out with Jamie & Thomas (& you too, big Tom! 😉 ) so much more!

Jamie & Tom, thank you for asking me to take your FIRST family pictures! Well… other than the pictures I took in the hospital of the 3 of you on the day Thomas was born! 🙂 And please tell Thomas “thank you” for playing all of my games and being such a helper during your session! 🙂 I love you three dearly, and I’m so honored I got to be the one to capture this sweet season of life for you! ~ Moosh moosh! 😉

  1. Ellen says:

    WOW! Unbelievable, captivating, an outstanding display of photographic genius, skill and talent! Thanks, Erica, for capturing the love of this beautiful family!

    • Erica Rinehimer says:

      Aw! Thank you for your kind words, Ellen! So happy to be able to take these for them! You know I love them so!

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