Our Family | Summer, 2023

I’m so thankful for this growing family of ours! It’s always a little tricky getting a family picture of all 21 of us, plus the 2 dogs, using a tripod! 🙂 But it’s SO worth it in the end! Especially when a new baby arrives pretty much every year! 🙂 Which is a gift that is definitely not lost on us!

Since we take our family pictures pretty regularly, my mom requested something a little different… a picture of each one of her children and grandchildren individually. I have to give credit to our kids and all of my nieces and nephews! They were such troppers! It was hot out that day! And there may have been some tired kiddos towards the end, but overall, they had such good attitudes and I was able to get some sweet photos of all 19 of us photographed for my mama!

Love this crew so much! I only wish we all lived in the same town and that we could be together even more!

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