Kellan’s 4 Months | Sweet + Murphy Extended Family Session, Westfield, IN

Today was my first born’s first day of HIGH SCHOOL!!! I still can’t believe that can be true! It feels like just yesterday that we were taking HIS 4 month photos! When our Jackson was born 14 years ago, I definitely didn’t fully understand the value of professional photos, and oh how I wish I had!!! We didn’t have a lot of extra money to be spending on a newborn photography session at the time, so it was something we decided to forego. But by the time he was 3 months old, I was already regretting that decision, and thankfully we chose to splurge and had some professional photos taken of the 3 of us in our home when he was about the same age as Kellan in these photos… A decision I will NEVER regret! I definitely can’t tell you the amount we spent on those photos now… and although it seemed extravagant at the time… Now that he’s taller than me, I only wish we would have had MORE professional photos taken of all 3 of our kids after these 14 years of parenting!

So when Kristen reached out to me to document her precious Kellan at 4 months, when she had already had newborn photos taken… I just LOVED how she saw the value in getting family photos taken and already isn’t missing a moment! Because as we all very well know, babies just don’t keep! They change SO fast! So I was so happy to capture their family and get some sweet photos for them in their home.

I love that Kristen & Adam included their parents in their session as well! And Parker & Cooper were seriously some of the sweetest boys I’ve ever met! They are amazing big brothers!! And I’m guessing it’s because of how sweet their parents & grandparents are! Just watching everyone interact with each other, it was easy to see that the Murphys & Sweets are very kind-hearted people and definitely live up to their name! 🙂 Kellan sure is a blessed boy to have such an amazing family surrounding him! Also, he has one of the cutest nurseries I’ve ever seen! 🙂

Thank you for trusting me with these special photos to remember this season of life, Kristen & Adam! I hope you love these photos & that you & your boys treasure them forever. I can just picture Kellan at 14 looking back at these and feeling how much he is loved!

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